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I've set a release date of Friday, 6/1/18 for my next book, Boxers or Briefs.
I am offering a contest for readers of any of my four previous books. 
If you read any of my books and posted a review on Amazon, you will be entered to win a free copy of  Boxers or Briefs on Monday, 6/4/18.
Haven't read my book(s)? Read and review by 6/1 for your chance(s) to win. ____________________________
"Okay," You say, "What is the fine print?"
It's simple. Post a review to Amazon for The Proposal, The Deed, The Confession, and/or Third Wheel. That is it. Your review (s) will automatically enter you in a drawing for one of five copies of my newest book Boxers or Briefs. If you read three and reviewed three, then you receive three chances to win.

(I am including links to my Amazon author's page so you can easily click and review below.)
Did you know that my fourth book, Third Wheel, is the three books of the Surrogate Series combined into one book?
If you chat with family and…

Done, Now What?

Twenty-four days, fifty thousand words, it is done-now what?
I have completed writing my next book. I buckled down for the first twenty-four days in April to complete it. Yay me! Now I begin the hard part (or the hard part for me). Editing proves a challenge. I find myself easily distracted during this process.  The excitement of writing no longer keeps me focused on the book until four a.m. Reading through the book three more times looking for typos, grammatical errors, plot holes, etc. is a chore for me. I do keep some excitement in trying to get a copy out to my Beta Readers as soon as possible. I can't wait for them to read, share what works, what questions they have, etc. It is just getting from the first draft to the Beta Reader draft that I struggle with. This is when writing feels like a 'real job' to me. But I must keep going. 
So, enough complaining you say-we want more details about the book. I am only willing to share the title with you at this point. I'm p…



Spread the word, Shout it from the rooftops, and Spread book love to your family and friends.
I'm discounting my books for the next two weeks. It's a great time to purchase a copy if you haven't, buy gifts for others, and share the news with everyone.
Deals will be posted daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Proposal (Book One Surrogate Series)
Free until 4/28/18

The Deed (Book Two Surrogate Series)
99¢ 4/25 & 4/26 Only
$1.99 4/27 to 5/1 Only
Back to $2.99 on 5/2

The Confession (Book Three Surrogate Series)
99¢ 4/30 to 5/2 Only
$1.99 5/3 to 5/6 Only
Back to $2.99 on 5/7

Third Wheel
(Formerly 3 Books of the Surrogate Series)
99¢ 4/24 Only
$1.99 4/25 Only
$2.99 4/26 to 4/28 Only
$3.99 4/29 Only
Back to $4.99 on 4/30

Now is the time to purchase and save on all Haley Rhoades' Books.

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

My To Be Read Shelf:

Goodreads members have a digital To Be Read shelf where they place titles they want to read soon.

Today I am sharing my physical To Be Read Shelf. It is a collection of books I received and purchased at KissCon in KC last month and a few I won in Goodreads Contests. Some of these are from a favorite author of mine. Others are authors new to me. I'm spending more time writing than reading right now, so I am falling way behind. What's on your TBR shelf?

PSA: If you are interested in free books from established as well as new authors, Goodreads Giveaways are a great way to get free paperback or Kindle versions.

Click on the Browse tab on your Goodreads page. You can select the genre that interests you.

From the drop down menu you can even                                             search by ebook or paperback.
Good Luck!

What's Next?:

I am over halfway done with my next book. Yay me! Of course, I will still have to edit before releasing it to the public. I …

April Showers Bring...New Books!

Happy April! 

I hope it feels like spring where you live today. Here in Kansas City, we have just this week started to see the sun and warmer weather in the forecast. I feel like long walks with Nala, baseball games, maybe a track meet, and a convertible car ride.

I should be writing!

My goal is 45,000 words this month. So far I am on track as I write a bit every day or should I say every night as insomnia plagues me.
I have many stories planned for the next year.  Recently though a creative book title entered my mind, so I moved that book to the front of the line. But, my lips are sealed on its title and details. I hope to begin edits by the end of April-you'll hear more about it soon.

For my fans of The Surrogate Series (The Proposal, The Deed, and The Confession) please share with your family and friends that I combined them into one book titled Third Wheel.
Third Wheel is available on retailers at links below. I am also offering a Goodreads Giveaway of the Third Wheel they can …

Third Wheel-Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Third Wheel by Haley Rhoades Giveaway ends May 01, 2018.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

New Release--Third Wheel

New Release!
My latest release, Third Wheel, is now available on Amazon.  By Monday it will be available on Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.

Third Wheel is my former Surrogate Series in one book with a few changes. Please recommend the Third Wheel to your friends if you enjoyed The Proposal, The Deed, and The Confession. They will enjoy the same stories all in one book.

Snag Your Copy Here:
Amazon-Haley Rhoades Books

What's Next?
As I attempted to edit The Confession, another series began haunting my thoughts and dreams. I will now begin creating this series for my readers.  Look to this blog and my social media outlets for announcements on my next book in the coming months.

My Goals for 2018
As I mentioned in the December 29th post, I have a set of items I hope to accomplish in 2018. I have completed two of them already. Great start, right? Now I need to power on to complete the rest.  How are you doing on your own goals for 2018? Remember it is okay to change the list-add t…