I Am Back! Exhausted but back at work.

I'm Back! The last two weeks have been so hectic.  We moved our oldest son over 100 miles to his new house to start his teaching job.

On our way back to KC, we picked up my 10-year-old niece to spend four days with us.  We entertained her at the KC Zoo for a day.

While my husband worked, I took her and two more nieces shopping for a day.  This involved lots of giggling, trying on clothes, and talking about boys.  All things I never experienced while raising my two sons.
Next, my husband cheered for the Royals, while I cheered for a Cardinal victory.
Then we returned to Des Moines to move our nineteen-year-old son out of his apartment and home with us for two weeks before he heads to college.  Both boys were here with us this weekend.  We enjoyed the Chiefs game Friday night and visiting Argosy Casino Saturday night.
With my garage and guest room full of boy treasures and junk-I am now attempting to start back to work on my book.

I am in the editing process. Be on the look out f…

New Book Trailer-The Deed Releasing Fall 2017

Take a peek at the newest book trailer for The Deed-my latest book-releasing Fall 2017.

The Deed is book two in The Surrogate Series.

My Writing Buddy & Mid-July Update with Pomsky Info

Hello Friends,

I have the cover the book two.  Who wants to see it?

My writing on The Deed book 2 in The Surrogate Series this month during the Camp NaNoWriMo is moving along better than expected.  I currently have over 39,000 words towards my 50,000 goal.  I am very excited about this book.

Many of you have seen my posts on my writing partner, Nala, our three year old pomsky.  Some have asked for more information on the breeder we used.  Ask and you shall receive...

Middle Tennessee Pomsky

Thanks for your continued support and following my writing.

If you haven't yet wrote a review on Amazon or Goodreads, please take a minute to do so.  I would love to hear what you thought.


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Mid-June: I am Blessed

When I decided to finally pull my 2 three-ring binders from storage and work until I published, I had no idea the work or the reward in doing so.

I began the current series of stories in about 2000.  I made notes as I drove monthly over 5.5 hours to visit family with my young sons.  I wrote until the wee hours of the morning, the only truly quiet time in a house with a husband, a two and a five-year-old boy. I had many handwritten pages and lists of words or segments of sentences to decipher.  But, I was up to the challenge.

This series will end with a total of three or four books.  I published a brief introduction on 5/21/17 named The Proposal.  This short story introduces my three main characters.  It is a comical yet touching story of three friends reunited after two years apart.  The Proposal sets up the series.  Without sharing any spoilers it ends with the event that ties the series together.

One book on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions, I felt a huge sense of fear.  Do…