A Dash of Decluttering and Digital Detoxing


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In my last post, I mentioned I was in much need of organization. 
I revamped my digital and multiple pieces of notebook paper to do lists.  I sought a way to keep multiple lists without using so many papers.  Although I attempt to cross everything off my list each day-that doesn't always happen.  So I opted for an easier way to keep my list, erase from the list, and add to the list.

I found a twelve-page display binder at Office Max.  It is essentially a folder with twelve clear sheet protectors inside.  I placed colored paper in each protector.  I use Expo Vis-a-Vis wet erase markers to write on the plastic.  I labeled a sheet for each day of the week and then lists labeled 'ASAP' and 'Social Media'.

Now I can keep multiple lists in one place.  I am able to erase easily and add to them.  These markers do not smudge or fade when touched. I had tried dry erase markers in the past. However, if you stacked the list or bumped it, the marker would erase easily.


Much to my husband's dismay, I keep emails in my accounts as unread until I can read them or complete a task with them.  I use my email as yet another to do list.  On Thursday morning, my little red notification icon announced I had over 220 unread emails. My first step in detoxing my digital mail file, was to unsubscribe from many of the email lists that I have found myself on over the years.  Unfortunately there is not a one-and-done button for this action.  I opened many emails, scrolled to the very bottom, and selected unsubscribe.  In doing this I will no longer receive email ads from certain companies over four times a week. As an avid reader, I chose to receive way too many newsletters from authors.  I love reading emails from my favorite authors, but many are sent out three times a week, by a personal assistant or blogger that suggest many books and contests by other authors.  I simply couldn't keep up with the emails and needed to remove myself from this situation.  It was a tedious task opening each individual email, scrolling to the bottom, clicking unsubscribe, then choosing a reason on the next screen that opened-but in my desire to digitally detox I powered through. 

I started Thursday with more than 220 unread emails and received many more during the course of the day. I am proud to report I had less than 20 unread emails when my head hit the pillow Thursday night.

Author Spotlight:

I average reading three books per week.  My favorite genres are Young Adult and Romance.  Occasionally I stray into other genres when a book sounds to delicious to avoid. 

Today I am sharing one of my most favorite Romance authors-Kristen Ashley.  I cannot read enough of her works.  Her stories sweep me up quickly, wrap me up cozily, and entrance me for hours.  I think one reason I enjoy her writing is most of her main characters are thirty and forty year olds.  As I am no longer a spring chicken, I enjoy reading about strong men in their prime falling for strong and independent more mature women that are still sexy and awesome.  Kristen Ashley first hooked me with The Rock Chick Series set in Denver Colorado. In fact my main character is reading this series in my current Work-In-Progress releasing soon.  I highly recommend you check Kristen out on her author website below.

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Newbie's Next Read:

In my many Facebook Groups, I am meeting some talented new authors just breaking into the world of self-publishing and traditional publishing.  Today I want to mention author Annie Woods and her book First Came Forever, book one in The Angelheart Saga.  I found Annie on Facebook.  This young adult story has left me anxiously awaiting book two.  No spoilers here, however, it ends in a cliffhanger that has me all tied up.

In First Came Forever, Erica meets Sasha while backpacking with friends in Asia.  Their love story is complicated by the typical high school drama with a kick of royalty thrown in. Peer pressure, teen turmoil, and even danger carry the reader through this first true love encounter.  I hope you will investigate this new Swedish author--a favorite of mine.

Click here for Annie Woods information.


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