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The Surrogate Series by Haley Rhoades:

I started writing The Surrogate Series in the year 2000. I have several notebooks, big and small, along with some printed sections to this tale. This year, I started organizing it all and sharing the story with you. 

Book one: The Proposal-This short story introduces three best friends. Two years apart seems like an eternity when you grew up together. A Fourth of July trip reunites Jackson, Kennedy, and Taylor. The Three Amigos are together again, but they have issues to work through. Can they move past an abusive ex? Can they beat a negative fertility diagnosis? Can everything pick up where they left off over two years ago?

Book two: Taylor wasted no time volunteering to be Jackson and Kennedy's surrogate. Sometimes it takes three to make a baby. With medical complications and financial strain, the threesome look to unorthodox methods to create their baby. How far would you go to help a friend?
Book three: Taylor is pregnant with her best friends' baby. The surrogacy has begun. Morning sickness, food cravings, OB appointments, fatigue and swelling...will Jackson and Kennedy support their baby momma?

Book 2 & Book 3 Status Update:

Many fans are anxiously awaiting the release of The Deed Book Two in The Surrogate Series.  I promised it Fall 2017.  I had hoped to release in October, but life happened.  I should have the book out next week.  Social media will announce when it is ready. I am so very excited for you to read this book.  More excited than I was with The Proposal.
I have started on book three this month too. I focus on book two during the day and write on book three at night.  I have a slow start on it, but that will change when I can publish book two and focus more. 

Author Spotlight:

I average reading three books per week.  My favorite genres are Young Adult and Romance.  Occasionally I stray into other genres when a book sounds to delicious to avoid.

This week I am continuing my sharing one of my most favorite Romance authors-Kristen Ashley.
My favorite series is The Rock Chick Series. It is a definite must read. That being said I love, love, loved every book I read by this author. On the site there is a recommended reading order as some of the series overlap a bit.

Confession: I have read most of her books twice. I also have listened to the audiobook version at least once. Like I stated I love her! If you enjoy audiobooks, like I do, I recommend Kristen Ashley's books on Audible.  The narrators are top notch.  They bring these action filled stories to life. I enjoy my audiobooks to entertain while driving, cleaning, walking Nala, or relaxing in my tub.

Kristen Ashley Click Here

Newbie's Next Read:

In my many Facebook Groups, I am meeting some talented new authors just breaking into the world of self-publishing and traditional publishing.  Today I want to mention author Gabi Moore. So far, I have read two of her books.  I plan to continue seeking her books to read. Gabi writes real books. By real I mean gritty, dirty, real world relationships with imperfect characters that draw you in. This author is not for the mainstream, sweet, romance reader. If you enjoy more detailed scenes or BDSM stories, even if only once in a while like I do, then I recommend SEAL'd Trust and Mindfuck-A Bad Boy Romance with a Twist.

She has many more books and I plan to read another one soon.

Check her out: Gabi Moore's Facebook Page


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