Can you say colder than Cersei Lannister's heart on Game of Thrones.

2018 will soon be upon us. Are you ready? 

We tend to be a boring family when it comes to New Year's Eve, but with this year's weather forecast we are blessed to be boring. In Kansas City our windchill on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day will be -15 to -35 degrees. (Yes, below zero!)
Can you say colder than Cersei Lannister's heart on Game of Thrones. BRRRRR!

Have you set any goals/resolutions for your New Year 2018? 
My list includes both work and personal goals:

1. I hope to self-publish five books in 2018. It's not a typo. I am almost done with a book—so the first will be complete in January. I figured if I can write over 55,000 books in November during Nanowrimo, prepare for holiday guests, and take a week off for Thanksgiving, I should be able to do the same for a couple of months in 2018. I will need to average one book for every 2.4 months. (The math nerd in me felt a little thrill computing this.)

2. I want to write in two genres this year. I plan to write both Romance and Young Adult books in 2018. 

3. I hope to set up a table at a 'Meet the Author', 'Indie Author', or another book signing event.  This will force me to get out of my comfortable office and publicly promote my books.  I have been looking for such events in the KC or Missouri area—thus far I have found none.

4. I hope to take better care of myself. It's time to focus more on me. Like nearly every other adult, I would like to lose weight, but my goal for the new year is not to diet and exercise to lose weight. My goal is to work on altering my diet to lower my cholesterol to approved levels. Unfortunately, I am allergic to statins so I must use diet, exercise, and other means to achieve this goal. Allow me to give you TMI: my total cholesterol is 302, HDL is 37, LDL is 207, and triglycerides are 291. So yes, I do have to work on these levels.  My first step is to meet with a dietician, alter my daily diet, and start walking on the treadmill more in these cold months.  This might be the toughest goal on my list for 2018.

5. Lastly, I plan to make more connections with fans and writers in my genres. I enjoy reading and am always willing to assist a new author in their craft. I enjoy actively participating in the Facebook Writers' Groups. I've met and friended an author and reader in Switzerland and Australia. I've enjoyed my communications with these ladies and others.  I look forward to many new connections in the year to come.

I hope this post found you healthy and happy during the holiday season. I pray the 2018 is all you hope for and more.  I am sending good thoughts for a safe transition as we enter 2018.

As one year ends and another begins, use this opportunity to reinvent or better yourself. You are special, needed, and loved by many—never forget this.

Haley Rhoades


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