December Already?

How can it be December already?

2017 has flown by, right? 
Looking back, I see I've accomplished a lot. Yet, there is so much more I had hoped to complete.  Oh well, I will pencil those things on 2018's To-Do List.

I relocated from Des Moines to Kansas City with my spouses job change.
I wrote and self-published two books.  This is another Bucket List item I completed.
I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November typing over 55,000 in thirty days. I even took time off for Thanksgiving to enjoy visits with family. Yes, this means that book three is well on its way to being complete.
This week, with the help of my very understanding spouse, I switched my office from the basement with the spare bedroom in the front of our house.  I feel I will be much more productive—the lighting is much better with the large east-facing window, not to mention Nala whined in the basement wanting me to be upstairs with her.

What does 2018 hold for me?

  • I plan to self-publish the last book in the Surrogate Series by March.
  • I will be branching off from romance and plan to complete two or three young adult books that currently haunt my thoughts constantly.
  • I'd like to devote more time to marketing my books on social media and at indie-author signing events. It will be a big step for me to set up a booth and sign books in public—I hope to pull up my big girl panties and do it.
  • I plan to keep meeting new authors via social media and helping to promote their works.
  • I would like to complete NaNoWriMo again in November.

Haley and the Holidays:

I am THAT person. Much to my families dismay, I send out my Christmas cards the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so my cards arrive on Black Friday in the mailboxes of my family and friends. I love getting them mailed early to start the holiday spirit when they arrive. I then anxiously approach my mailbox daily in hopes of receiving cards back.  I love reading the family newsletters and looking at the pictures others include to update us on their year.

My spouse manages a grocery store, thus works on Thanksgiving Day. His family drove two hours farther this year to be with us in Kansas City. His parents and his sister along with her family stayed in a nearby hotel, cooked the meal at my house(I am not a great cook), and we enjoyed a late afternoon dinner when my husband's store closed and he arrived home around four. It was a very easy, low stress visit of my children and the family. We all had a great time.


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