I Can't Make This Stuff Up!

My son rolled his vehicle three times side-over-side—he walked away without a bump or scratch.
So, here is how our New Year's Eve weekend played out. On Friday, 12/29 my nineteen-year old son Facetime-d me to show me his car. He was driving in Ames, Iowa. He slid and bumped a curb  in a residential area. He damaged the balljoint and upper arm on the front passenger side of his Impala. He called Roadside Assistance and towed the vehicle to his apartment complex as it was ten p.m. on a Friday night, in a town where he knew no service stations.
On Saturday, I made several calls and found Friday, 1/5 at ten a.m. was the earliest we could get his Impala fixed. His roommates were home for break—he stayed in Ames to work. 
My twenty-three-year old was visiting us in Kansas City. As I write from home, I arranged for him to drive my Mustang for the week and allow my younger son to drive his Pilot for the week to work. I would share a vehicle with my spouse if I needed to run errands.

On Sunday, 12/31, New Year's Eve at ten a.m., my oldest son drove his Pilot behind me in my Mustang from Kansas City, MO to Ames, Iowa to drop it off for my other son. In Des Moines, he slipped on ice, lost control, left the highway and rolled three times in the Honda Pilot. When he called me I circled back to pick him up.
A witness stated he rolled three times. My son said the side airbags deployed and he landed right-side up in cattails of I-80 near the I-35 exit. He climbed from the deep ravine up to the highway. As there was no shoulder at this area, the highway patrol escorted us to a parking lot to fill out paperwork.  Another patrolman came later, stated can't see the wreck from the road and it took him a while to locate it in the tall cattails. Due to the weather, there was a towing ban on the interstates during this time.
So we turned back for KC. My son in Ames was left until Friday without a vehicle. We contacted our insurance agent from home. I opted to relax on New Year's Day and call the towing company on Tuesday morning.
The towing company called back on Tuesday evening stating they couldn't find his car. The HP stated it was red instead of burgundy. As there is no shoulder, it is very hard to see the Pilot in the cattails while driving by and it's top looked black. So they went back Wednesday night after dark with the HP stopping traffic. It took two tow trucks to pull it out and up.
Looking at the photos of the Pilot, it seems a very safe vehicle in rollover accidents. We are very blessed that neither son was injured.
I have spent my entire week on the phone with towing companies, repair companies, insurance companies,...#writerprobs No work for me this week. :-(



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