Valentine's Day - Treat Yourself and Your Friends

 As February is upon us, pamper yourself with three great reads. The Surrogate Series Trilogy completes, just in time for Valentine's Day. The journey began in high school for Jackson, Kennedy, and Taylor. In The Proposal, Jackson and Kennedy ask a monumental favor of their best friend, Taylor. In The Deed, the threesome create a baby with unconventional methods. In The Confession, releasing February 2018, Jackson, Kennedy, and Taylor continue the surrogacy journey of love, sacrifice, and loss. This trilogy follows the threesome for twelve months of excitement, fear, announcements, laughter, and tears.

Paperback and eBook available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. Grab your copy to enjoy in a candlelight bubblebath with a glass of wine. Pamper yourself. Then give the gift of a great read to your friends.

Whether you are the type of reader that waits for all books in the series to become available before starting a trilogy or, like me, you read books as they are released then reread the first two before starting the third—now is the time to visit the lives of Jackson, Kennedy, and Taylor in Kansas City, Missouri.

-Haley Rhoades


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