New Release--Third Wheel

New Release!
My latest release, Third Wheel, is now available on Amazon.  By Monday it will be available on Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.

Third Wheel is my former Surrogate Series in one book with a few changes. Please recommend the Third Wheel to your friends if you enjoyed The Proposal, The Deed, and The Confession. They will enjoy the same stories all in one book.

Snag Your Copy Here:
Amazon-Haley Rhoades Books

What's Next?
As I attempted to edit The Confession, another series began haunting my thoughts and dreams. I will now begin creating this series for my readers.  Look to this blog and my social media outlets for announcements on my next book in the coming months.

My Goals for 2018
As I mentioned in the December 29th post, I have a set of items I hope to accomplish in 2018. I have completed two of them already. Great start, right? Now I need to power on to complete the rest.  How are you doing on your own goals for 2018? Remember it is okay to change the list-add to it, delete from it-it is your list and your life.

Remember to Review Books!
The best gift you can give is a review. It helps other readers and the author. Times have changed. Stars are not enough. Type a sentence or two about why you liked it. It only takes a minute. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.
(See my previous post on Indie Authors and Reviews-Please share with friends.)


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