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My To Be Read Shelf:

Goodreads members have a digital To Be Read shelf where they place titles they want to read soon.

Today I am sharing my physical To Be Read Shelf. It is a collection of books I received and purchased at KissCon in KC last month and a few I won in Goodreads Contests. Some of these are from a favorite author of mine. Others are authors new to me. I'm spending more time writing than reading right now, so I am falling way behind. What's on your TBR shelf?

PSA: If you are interested in free books from established as well as new authors, Goodreads Giveaways are a great way to get free paperback or Kindle versions.

Click on the Browse tab on your Goodreads page. You can select the genre that interests you.

From the drop down menu you can even                                             search by ebook or paperback.
Good Luck!

What's Next?:

I am over halfway done with my next book. Yay me! Of course, I will still have to edit before releasing it to the public. I am very excited and know you will love it.  I am keeping the title a secret and I already have the cover selected. Since my lips are sealed, I better stop before I spill the beans.


As you read the Surrogate Series or Third Wheel did you notice the names were presidential?
Carter, Kennedy, Taylor, Jackson, Dr. Harrison, Dr. Wilson

The 411:

Let me explain some things you might see me post or others post on readers' or writers' groups.
WIP=Work in Progress-this is the book I am currently writing
TBR=To Be Read-a list of books you plan to read
MC=Main Character or in some cases Motorcycle Club
HEA=Happily Ever After-a happy ending (Not the massage parlor variety.)
Nanowrimo=National Novel Writing Month and CampNanowrimo are mini writing sessions
throughout the year. This is a way of writers to use a social site to attempt to write a novel in a month. They have challenges and prizes. They put you in cabins with other writers to ask questions or get motivation.
IF you know a writer of any age (they have great resources for teens interested in writing) check out the website: https://campnanowrimo.org

I Want One:
"So cute, I want one." "Where did you get her?" I hear these questions a lot. I am very proud of our furbaby Nala the Pomsky
As empty nesters now, she keeps us occupied. As you know, I even wrote about a Pomsky in my first four books. A Pomsky is part husky and part Pomeranian. We've had huskies before and love the breed. Nala weighs in at 14 pounds full grown. She is three years old.

For more information on Pomskies and pictures of current litters available I am adding a link to our breeders site: Middle Tennessee Pomskies


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