Done, Now What?

Twenty-four days, fifty thousand words, it is done-now what?

I have completed writing my next book. I buckled down for the first twenty-four days in April to complete it. Yay me! Now I begin the hard part (or the hard part for me). Editing proves a challenge. I find myself easily distracted during this process.  The excitement of writing no longer keeps me focused on the book until four a.m. Reading through the book three more times looking for typos, grammatical errors, plot holes, etc. is a chore for me. I do keep some excitement in trying to get a copy out to my Beta Readers as soon as possible. I can't wait for them to read, share what works, what questions they have, etc. It is just getting from the first draft to the Beta Reader draft that I struggle with. This is when writing feels like a 'real job' to me. But I must keep going. 

So, enough complaining you say-we want more details about the book.
I am only willing to share the title with you at this point. I'm planning a sort of strip-tease in sharing of details on this stand-alone book. (What is a stand-alone? Some of you may ask. It means it is not a series. It is one book and done.) 

The moment you have been anxiously awaiting...
Boxers or Briefs is the title of my current work in progress.

More details about this book will be uncovered in each new blog post in the days and weeks to come. Make sure you follow my blog in order to keep up on all of the latest news on all things Haley Rhoades.



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