Your Last Chance—Don't Miss Out!

Read & Review before 6/4 to Win!!!
Maybe you put it on your calendar.
Maybe you forgot.
Maybe you read & need to review.

Just a Friendly Reminder...
(from a previous Blog Post)

I've set a release date of Friday, 6/1/18 for
my next book, Boxers or Briefs.

I am offering a contest for readers of any of my four previous books. 

If you read any of my books and posted a review on Amazon,
you will be entered to win a free copy of 
Boxers or Briefs on Monday, 6/4/18.

Haven't read my book(s)?
Read and review by 6/1
for your chance(s) to win.

"Okay," You say, "What is the fine print?"

It's simple. Post a review to Amazon for The Proposal, The Deed, The Confession, and/or Third Wheel. That is it. Your review (s) will automatically enter you in a drawing for one of five copies of my newest book Boxers or Briefs. If you read three and reviewed three, then you receive three chances to win.

(I am including links to my Amazon author's page so you can easily click and review below.)

Did you know that my fourth book, Third Wheel, is the three books of the Surrogate Series combined into one book?
If you chat with family and friends you can now just share the title Third Wheel instead of remembering the three other titles.

I will draw on Facebook Live on Monday, 6/4/18 to announce the winner. (On Haley Rhoades Author Page.)

As of this morning I have 23 reviews total on the four your chances to win one of five free books (so far) is AWESOME!

Did you read a book but not review? Or did you review on Goodreads but not Amazon?
Now is your chance to place a review on Amazon for another chance to win.

Special Note:

  • Remember it is VITAL by Amazon rules, to state in a review if you received a free copy of the book your are reviewing. (Their rules not mine.)
  • Remember Stars are pretty, but a couple of words are needed to count as a review on Amazon. (Their rules not mine.)
  • Less than 1% of readers review books. I challenge you to review often. Let readers and authors know what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to read in the future.


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